Six Reasons to use Cloud Hosting for Moodle™

Low Start Up Costs

There's no need to waste time installing Moodle™ organisation-wide on your own server and work out glitches. Instead, a cloud hosting service gets you up and running quickly and efficiently allowing you to get stuck into creating courses and content. Also, you pay only for the resources you need and benefit from continually upgraded hardware technology.

Fast Deployment

Cloud-based Moodle hosting is fast to set up and deploy. With no hardware or software involved, you can access your Moodle™ instance quickly and start offering courses and training sooner. Sign up with a hosting service provider one day and have learners using the system the next.


By hosting Moodle in the cloud rather than on a single instance of a physical server, you rely on an extensive network of servers. If one server goes down, the pooled resources of the server network spread the risk and keep you online.


Cloud-based Moodle offers better accessibility for both learners and course designers. Learning and course creation can take place anywhere, anytime on any device, by simply logging in to your Moodle™ instance.

Flexible and Easy to Use

You can customise, modify and scale Moodle™ in any way you want to provide the best learning experience possible for your users. Cloud hosting service providers make their platforms easy to use and highly available, requiring little technical knowledge to get your Moodle™ instance up and running.


Cloud hosting services use highly encrypted security measures which, together with regular automatic updates, provide reliable and secure protection of data for hosting Moodle. Cloud hosting relies on networks of servers meaning data is not collected in one location; files will not be lost in the way that they will be if a computer or device is damaged, misplaced or stolen.

Up and running with e-Learning quickly!

  • We take care of servers, security, databases, backups and upgrades so you don't have to.
  • Your plan includes a fresh Moodle™ install, uniquely for you.
  • We provide you with full administrator access to your Moodle™ instance.
  • Built on a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure.
$145 per month
10 GB Storage
50 GB Transfer/month

Weekly Managed Backups
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$225 per month
30 GB Storage
80 GB Transfer/month
Own Domain Naming
Weekly Managed Backups
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Enterprise Plus
$295 per month
70 GB Storage
120 GB Transfer/month
Own Domain Naming
Daily Managed Backups
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Version Updates

Whenever release a new version of Moodle (e.g, 2.7.2 to 2.8), we first test it on our servers and make sure everything is working as expected. We look after all the "technical" issues so you don't need to! We then completely automate the upgrade process and send you an email to let you know an update is available.

This leaves you in complete charge of exactly when your instance is upgraded, so you can minimize inconvenience for your users. Once you are ready to upgrade, it's a simple "click and confirm" process.