Moodle Resources

 As a part of Hosted Moodle's commitment to your Moodle experience, we want to share links to resources that you may find helpful.  This list is in no way complete but should give you a great start as you explore Moodle.

  • The Moodle Project: This is the Moodle Organization's main page, with great information on setting up and teaching with Moodle.
  • Moodle Documentation: The ultimate reference!  Includes an overview of Moodle, as well as information on managing Moodle courses and managing content.
  • Moodle FAQ: A list of general questions many educators ask about Moodle.
  • Moodle community forums: Get support from the community, share ideas and meet others in a community of your preferred language.
  • Moodle news: This is the official Moodle news site, informing you of all things Moodle. It's a good place to start looking for information or to validate what you read elsewhere.
  • Moodle sandbox demo: A plain, unconfigured installation of the latest stable version of Moodle, with blank courses, ready for you to start adding students, content and activities.
  • Moodle Monthly News: News, information and resources for the world's leading LMS.
  • Moodle Share: A place for Moodlers to share their Moodles, with new courses to be uploaded frequently.

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Version Updates

Whenever release a new version of Moodle (e.g, 2.7.2 to 2.8), we first test it on our servers and make sure everything is working as expected. We look after all the "technical" issues so you don't need to! We then completely automate the upgrade process and send you an email to let you know an update is available.

This leaves you in complete charge of exactly when your instance is upgraded, so you can minimize inconvenience for your users. Once you are ready to upgrade, it's a simple "click and confirm" process.